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四海國際集團 Cosmopolitan International Holdings Limited

四海國際集團有限公司,簡稱四海國際集團,以及四海國際(英語:Cosmopolitan International Holdings Limited,港交所:0120),由1991年透過四海地產證券有限公司成立,並在香港交易所主板上市。於二零一三年九月十六日,本公司已成為P&R Holdings之上市附屬公司,Paliburg Holdings Limited百利保控股有限公司(「百利保」)及Regal Hotels Internetional Holdings Ltd.之上市附屬公司。自此,本集團之主要經營業務包括物業發展及投資(現時專注於在中華人民共和國進行),以及金融資產及其他投資。
Established in 1991, Cosmopolitan International Holdings Limited(HKEx:0120), hereinafter referred to as “Cosmopolitan”, was founded by Cosmopolitan Properties & Securities Limited and listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the same year. On 16th September 2013, Cosmopolitan became a listed subsidiary of P&R Holdings, Paliburg Holdings Limited (Paliburg) and Regal Hotels International Holdings Ltd. Thereafter, the main business of the group ranges from property development and investment (with a focus on P.R.C. China) to financial assets and other investments.



Cosmopolitan, the parent company, and its affiliates, including Century City International Holdings Limited, Paliburg Holdings Limited, Regal Hotels International Holdings Ltd. and REGAL REIT, are all listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange, all of which are prestigious companies that possess tremendous potential and provide invaluable support to the group.

Logo of Cosmopolitan international holdings
Logo of Cosmopolitan international holdings

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cosmopolitan international holdings 富豪酒店國際控股有限公司及其控股之富豪產業信託持有之酒店物業

cosmopolitan international holdings 富豪酒店國際控股有限公司及其控股之富豪產業信託持有之國外酒店物業


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